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Everything you should and need to know about FOXPOST.

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Using a FOXPOST Terminal is the quickest and most convenient way to receive a parcel ordered online: where and when it suits you the best. Not to mention, we are environmentally friendly as the courier doesn’t have to make the journey from door to door!

How does the fox work?

1. step

Shop online and choose the FOXPOST option for delivery when ordering.

2. step

Pick the nearest FOXPOST Terminal from the list. We are easy to be reached throughout the country, mainly in shopping centres.

3. step

Enter your mobile number: you will receive a unique code – known only to you – to open the appropriate locker of the Terminal with.

4. step

Rest assured that your parcel is completely secure until retrieving it: it’s even safe from the weather!

5. step

When your parcel has arrived, visit the Terminal and open the locker with the code you received via text. The process is quick and discrete as only you are aware of the contents of the parcel.

6. step

For the first time in Hungary, you can send your parcel back quickly and FOR FREE thanks to FOXPOST. Just visit the Terminal where you retrieved the parcel within 14 days. Use the code received via text and put the package in the opening locker. You’re done, the rest is for us to take care of.

Send a parcel without registration or having to print!

There simply isn’t a faster way to post a parcel in Hungary.

  • Forget about printing and paperwork – you won’t need them with FOXPOST.
  • If you send a parcel before the courier has arrived, your parcel will be delivered on the next working day.
  • If you’re curious about how we operate, click and watch our video!

Want to send a parcel without
using a debit card?

Want to send a parcel without using a debit card?
As a private person, you don’t need to use a debit card and can choose to pay later on. The only thing you need to do is join the Fox Club! Our regular parcel senders can take advantage of countless perks: ask for an invitation and join us!