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Privacy Policy

Postal Law includes many obligations for us; you can read about these in detail in our general terms and conditions. The only thing we would like to emphasise is what you cannot send with FOXPOST:


  • handheld weaponry and their accessories;
  • ammunition, explosives and their accessories;
  • radioactive, flammable, poisonous, corrosive, explosive materials and items including these materials;
  • living animals or plants, dead or stuffed animals, animal hides and fur;
  • értéknyilvánítás szolgáltatás, értékes tárgyak szállítása;
  • human remains;
  • contagious goods, goods prone to spoiling;
  • goods that need temperature control (ice, dry ice etc.);
  • human ashes, animal or human embryos;
  • trading amounts of alcohol or tobacco;
  • narcotics, hallucinogens and other substances outlined in the Criminal Code;
  • improperly packaged items;
  • items addressed to PO Boxes;
  • unaccounted parcels;
  • dangerous goods according to the ADR;
  • items of criminal origin;
  • money (cash, coins, banknotes, stock shares, stamps etc.);
  • items that require official permission or authorisation;
  • dangerous waste, especially used syringes, medical waste, blood, and biologically unsafe materials;