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Green Fox

You’re sorting rubbish, have taken a liking to riding your bicycle, and turn off the lights whenever you don’t need them. But what about your parcels?

It might be a bit of a surprise, but you can take an environmentally friendly approach with your parcels as well! FOXPOST is the greenest way to send a parcel: you can dramatically reduce harmful emission with our help.



  • Because less fuel is used if you ask your parcel to be delivered where you would normally go for shopping.
  • Because our couriers don’t have to go to many addresses. In fact, we don’t even know what an unsuccessful delivery is.
  • Because you can visit our terminals easily via public transport.


Environmentally friendly fleet

We are proud to have the most advanced fleet in the industry. Using EURO 5 engines, one of the most modern technologies available, to leave the smallest possible carbon footprint. Our drivers are trained to drive with care and low fuel-consumption, while still being the fastest way to deliver your parcel!


Smaller ecological footprint

Our parcels never miss their target! We spend less time on the road, leaving a smaller ecological footprint. We don’t have to try and deliver parcels for a second or third time if someone’s not at home as we only deliver to our terminals. You don’t have to drive further either – you can pick up your parcel while shopping at a nearby supermarket!


Environmentally friendly technology

Our terminals are designed to use as much recycled materials as possible during assembly. Our terminals require minimal energy consumption, requiring not more than a regular computer.


Warehouses getting greener

Not only do we take care of your parcels at our warehouses, we keep an eye out for energy consumption too! The majority of our machines are also made of recycled materials.