Track your parcel
Enter your parcel number you received by email and we show you where it is right now.
If you have sent your parcel to a locker, enter the parcel ID starting with the letters CLFOX. If you have sent it with home delivery, your parcel ID starts with 50139.

Pick up a parcel from a locker

We hold your parcel for 5 days, which includes a Saturday and Sunday. If a holiday falls during this time, the hold period will be automatically extended. Take over your parcel when it is most convenient for you!

Receive parcel with home delivery

You do not need to be at the ready all day long. Parcels you have ordered will be delivered within a 2-hour delivery window. You will receive a text message and an email about the arrival of the parcel, the messages will contain the courier’s phone number and the exact amount of cash on delivery.

Pick up a parcel

Your parcel will be kept in our terminal for 5 calendar days. The time and date before which the parcel has to be collected will be specified in the text message and the email message informing you about the delivery of your parcel. (If the period open for parcel collection includes a public holiday, it will be automatically extended.)

After the expiry of the appointed collection time and date it is returned to our warehouse where it is kept for one more week. During this period both the recipient and the sender may request repeated delivery for a fee of HUF 1099.The cost of repeated delivery can be settled by the recipient at the terminal by bank card. If you do not request repeated delivery, your parcel will be returned to the sender for HUF 500.

Once the parcel has been delivered to the pickup point, a text message is sent to the recipient. Recipient can open the relevant door of the terminal using the unique opening code sent, and known only, to them.
In case of home delivery the courier may deliver the parcel to the recipient in person, its family members or other authorised persons present at the address. 
Before delivery we send a text message and an email notifying the recipient about when the courier will arrive. 
The date and address of delivery can be modified through the link specified in the email.

Anyone can collect a parcel from the terminal locker with the opening code. In case of home delivery the courier may deliver the parcel to the recipient in person, its family members or other authorised persons present at the address.

The courier makes two attempts at delivering the parcel on two successive business days. If the recipient fails to collect the parcel, it is returned to our central warehouse, from which we return it to the sender to the dispatch point for HUF 500.

In case of failed delivery, the recipient is notified about the failed delivery in an email and a text message, and the courier makes another attempt at delivering the parcel. The courier’s contact details are included in the email and text message send to the recipient as a notification about the arrival of the parcel, so the recipient can – if necessary – contact the courier to agree on a delivery time.

Upon completing your purchase select the nearest FOXPOST terminal and enter your mobile phone number. Once our courier has collected the parcel from the online shop, they deliver it to the selected destination terminal in 1-3 business days. You will receive a text message when your parcel has reached the pickup point. The message includes an opening code.

NB: Do not delete the text message because you may need it, should you wish to return the parcel.

Visit the terminal, enter your opening code and open your locker: only you know what the parcel contains so the entire process is not only quick, but is also completely confidential. If you have already paid online, this is all you have to do. If you have not paid yet, no problem, you can use your bank card at the terminal, just like when making a purchase at an online shop. Your parcel is kept in the terminal for 3 days after delivery.

You can pay for the parcel delivered to the terminal only by bank card when you collect your item.

In case of home delivery you can pay the courier in cash or by bank card.

In this case you are kindly requested to take a photo of the packaging, of how the package looks from the outside and the inside (including the internal space filler/separating materials), and of the damaged product. Then fill in the report form available on our website. Attach the photos of the damage to the form. Your report will be investigated on the basis of these information and attachments, and you will be informed of our findings within 30 days.

Do you have any more questions?

We have collected all the FAQs for you along with the answers so that you can find what you are looking for in a matter of minutes. If your question is not on the list, our customer service staff are more than happy to help you.