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Go green – go FOXPOST!
FOXPOST has always put the protection of our environment first – we are happy to see that the surveys reflect this.
FOXPOST API integration at the UNAS online shop!
Our corporate customers with UNAS online shops can now fully enjoy the benefits of our order delivery system. Thanks to the more extensive FOXPOST integration, orders can now be sent via API, meaning no more need to use separate CSV or XLSX files
New map widget
Our new map widget is now available – just embed it in your website for an even better customer experience.
Automatic parcel lockers are the future of parcel delivery
A new interview with the CEO of FOXPOST on Trend FM.
We kindly ask our online shop operator customers to inform your own customers regarding the normal status of the FOXPOST deliveries as per the following
In these extraordinary circumstances it is in our common interest that our customers are properly informed regarding their parcel pickup options. This is why we kindly ask you to include the following information about FOXPOST in your communication with your customers (on your website, on facebook, in your newsletters, customer service hotline etc.):
The safest way of sending and picking up parcels during the COVID-19 epidemic is via contactless parcel delivery
According to the World Health Organisation, the risk of spreading and contracting the coronavirus via mail is insignificant. As the WHO website has it: online orders are rather safe, as the virus can survive – and thus spread the infection – on the surface of such parcels for no more than a few hours, which is considerably less than it takes for the parcels to get from sender to recipient – this can take up to 1–2 business days which is way too much for the virus to survive.
FOXPOST is the best – the fifth time
We are honoured that Hungarian online shop operators chose FOXPOST the best service provider in the pickup point and automatic parcel locker terminal categories in 2019!
How online second hand shops reacted to the partial lockdown
Now that the lockdown has made shopping much more complicated, many people realise that it isn’t necessarily just a chore – it could also be actual fun! Fun we have to forget about for a time... Or do we? Jófogás and Vatera, two leading Hungarian online second hand shops report no drop in the number of neither sellers nor buyers. They chalk it up to two factors: the trust of their customers and the option of contactless delivery. And FOXPOST has promised more automatic parcel locker terminals this year.

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