Business Customer Service

Using our services

Select “For business partners” in the upper left corner on, register and sign in.
Once signed in, select “Send a parcel” / “Send a new parcel” and enter the recipient’s data. A parcel label will be generated accordingly. Print it out and attach it to the parcel.

On the screen of the nearest terminal select:

  • “Send a parcel”,
  • then “For business partners” and enter the customer code which you will find in your account under Settings
    . Based on the number and the dimensions of your parcels choose locker size and enter the number of parcels you are dispatching simultaneously.

You can dispatch multiple parcels in one locker.

Then place your parcel/parcels in the locker that opens at this point, close the door and print the receipt.
Payment is made ex-post, our finance department will send you the invoice on Thursday every week.

A parcel label must be printed and attached to your parcel. You can print labels one by one or in bulk.

We cannot ship parcels without labels, therefore you are kindly asked to make sure that there is one on every parcel.

Once the labels are printed you have 7 days for dispatching the parcel through a FOXPOST terminal.

Always check printer settings. The entire barcode must be printed on the label, otherwise scanners will not be able to read it.
Use clean white paper or stickers for printing parcel labels. Then glue the printed label onto the parcel. Do not use staples. If you use staples, the label may come off the parcel during shipping and/or loading/unloading.
Do not cover the bar code on the label with adhesive tape because it can reflect scanner beams and prevent them from reading the code.

Parcel shipping and pickup

Once our courier has collected the parcel, the recipient will be able to pick it up at the selected terminal in 1 to 3 business days. Delivery time is subject primarily to the availability of terminal capacity. To see when parcels are collected from terminals, click here.

In case of home delivery  the delivery time is 2-3 business days after our courier has collected the parcel from the terminal.  To see when parcels are collected from terminals, click here.

Once the parcel has been delivered to the destination terminal, we send the recipient a notification in a text message. The recipient can open the relevant locker of the terminal using the unique  opening code sent, and known only, to him or her. The text message specifies the exact day, hour and minute until which the parcel can be picked up at the terminal.

Before delivery we send a text message and an email notifying the recipient about when the courier will arrive. The date and address of delivery can be modified through the link specified in the email in case the time proposed by our home delivery service provider is not suitable for the recipient or if the recipient wishes to receive the parcel at another address .

Anyone can collect a parcel from the terminal locker with the opening code.

In case of home delivery the courier may deliver the parcel to the recipient in person, its family members or other authorised persons present at the address.

The courier will make two attempts at delivering the parcel; after two failed attempts the package is returned to our shipping partner and then back to the Foxpost central warehouse.

No parcels from our business partners can be re-delivered to recipients; they are returned to the sender by our warehouse, at the terminal identified in their parcel wizard profile.

In case of a failed delivery, the recipient is notified about the failed delivery in an email, and the courier makes another attempt at delivering the parcel.

Cash on delivery

The recipient can pay the cash on delivery by bank card at our terminal, or in cash or by bank card to the courier in case of home delivery.

The amount paid as cash on delivery is credited to us after the parcel has been delivered to and collected by the recipient. The cash on delivery amount is cleared as part of the weekly accounting process or transferred on Thursday every week. The invoice and the detailed account will be sent to you electronically simultaneously with the clearing.

You can send parcels with cash on delivery for up to HUF 150,000.

Payment information

Our business partners do not have to pay at the terminal when dispatching parcels. Accounts are rendered and invoices are issued for our business partners once a week on Thursdays in retrospect. The accounting period runs from Tuesday to Monday, and applies to the shipping fees of the parcels invoiced during the period concerned and the cash paid on delivery for the parcels collected.

Report forms and comments

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